Twitter for Professional Development

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I am a relatively new Twitter user. I finally committed to a professional account one year ago. I am still in the phase of my Twitter continuum where I scrutinize each tweet and worry if I have made some error or Twittersphere faux pas. I had previously set up a Tweetdeck account, but quickly became overwhelmed and vowed to revisit when the school year was over. What a coincidence!

Hashtags – Not so Scary Anymore

For this assignment, I chose to focus my hashtags on educational technology and coaching. The hashtags I have opted to follow may change over time, as some of them may overlap too much. I will monitor this and make adjustments as needed.




  • #edtech  – educational technology
  • #edchat – weekly educational topics chat (Tuesdays at 12 pm & 7 pm EST)
  • #educoach – instructional education coach
  • #techcoach – technology coach topics
  • #edcamp – local unconferences about educational ideas
  • #edtechchat – weekly educational technology chat (Mondays at 8 pm EST)

Just in the short time I have reviewed these hashtags through Tweetdeck I have noticed the call for people to participate in webinars, book decisions, and Twitter chats. Prior to viewing topics by hashtags, I didn’t understand how so many people knew so much about when and where to participate in said events. It is also evident that there are vast amounts of resources, articles and networks housed here. This is clear as my search columns continue to update and stream right along.

I have also become aware that there are many businesses, companies, and their representatives posting right alongside impartial contributors; this is something to keep in mind while consuming and contributing to this forum.

One resource that I picked up on was a free vocabulary app for practice words in a second language. I work at a bilingual elementary school, and both parents of Spanish dominate and English dominate students could benefit from having this app for summer practice. I may need to add this resource to our school website – of course, I’ll vet it first.

Twitter a Just-in-Time PD

While many people are resistant to the idea of Twitter as a PD platform, I agree and subscribe to the idea that educators cannot afford to ignore this vast resource. It can be overwhelming if you try to read it all and understand all of the tweets, as that isn’t the purpose. It is rather an on-demand place to track down any resource, new idea or discussion surrounding any topic. I find the idea helpful to set aside a time to be on Twitter or Tweetdeck. I will also be adding particular Twitter chats to my calendar to be a part of the dynamic sharing of information.


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