EdTech Definition Graphic

What does it all mean?

I enjoyed the opportunity to represent the educational technology definition as a graphic. While I am not an artist, the digital tools available now even allow the unartistic to relay their message. I used the online design tool Canva to create my representation. Canva enables the user to create an image using templates, original designs, or uploads to create a unique image in a particular shape or size. While the design tool is free, there are both free and paid items you can include in your own design. Personally, I went with all free icons to develop my graphic representation for educational technology.

I relate to the look and feel of infographics of late, I went with a minimalist and stylish representation of Januszewski and Molenda’s (2013) educational technology definition which states:

Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

I used an icon to represent the major facets of the definition and connected all with a circular arrow to symbolize the relationship between each component. Prior to the start of the MET program, I don’t think I could have defined the field so succinctly. I most assuredly would not have included the idea of educational technology ethics in my definition, and yet now I understand that to be essential.  Educational technologists continue to learn and grow as they monitor whether or not the technology is used to improve learning. I particularly appreciate the idea that educational technology is used to facilitate learning, rather than cause learning.

As a technology instructional coach, one of the major pieces to my role is to help facilitate learning and conversation about technology integration among teachers and students. It is so important to keep the goal in mind and monitor if an improvement is made or what adjustments need to happen. In my representation, I used a toolbox as the image for “creating, using and managing”. This deliberate choice highlights that adjustments and growth are always happening with a reflective practitioner

Educational Technology

Januszewski, Al & Molenda, M. (2013). Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary. New York, NY: Routledge.


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