PBL Research

I enjoyed looking at different PBL projects for the elementary level. I focused my research on both ELA and math projects at this level because I work as a coach in an elementary school. I was amazed at how easy it was to search for projects within the BIE website. This was a seamless process. I appreciated that you could filter by standard and subject area.
During my research, it was evident that many projects had similar components and common features. It was evident just in the set up (website) used that the teachers spent a lot of time planning and developing their PBL. There was a driving question that led the problem as well as standards and target objective throughout. Many PBL’s contained rubrics for teacher and student assessments for tasks or deliverables. I also noticed many of the samples I looked at had Steps to Completion with hyperlinked resources but then also an additional resource section as well.
I found one-second grade PBL project titled, “Honey, Where are my bees?” That seemed so engaging for students. I was impressed by the driving question and the critical thinking and rigor this would invoke for such young students. The students were investigating the decline of honey bees and how this would impact their community. I appreciated that this was a real issue but that the class would be focusing locally. The teacher planned to bring in guest experts and students would do small group research. I liked that the plan included options for student presentation and that a real authentic audience would be utilized at the culmination of the project.


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