About Me

Welcome to my EdTech Learning Log!

davenportHello all, my name is Cassandra Davenport and I currently work as a Technology Instructional Coach within DC Public Schools. I am grateful to be at Powell Bilingual Elementary School.

I previously taught 4th and 5th grade as a multiple subject teacher, as well as 6-8th grades as a math, science and technology teacher in both Southern and Northern California. While serving as an 8th grade Algebra teacher I became invested in technology integration as I helped initiate a 1-to-1 tech device program at my middle school in Santa Cruz. I was a member of the Technology Integration Cadre for Santa Cruz County Department of Education, where we explored best practices for integration.

While I am originally from Michigan and will forever be a Spartan, California has my heart, especially the sea lions!


While I have loved my experience as a classroom teacher, I wanted to assert myself as a leader in helping teachers and staff develop their skills with technology integration. My current position as a technology coach provides me the opportunities and support to do just that. I am in the Boise State MET program to focus on growing my skills as a technology coach to better serve my staff.

Now with experience as both a classroom teacher and as a technology instructional coach, I am ready to further my knowledge and understanding of technology integration within education. I know that Boise State’s program will not only help me realize my goals, but best prepare me to inspire other educators.

I look forward to all of the growth and learning through this program and upcoming courses.