An Annotated Bibliography

Technology Coaches in Schools


For this module, we were asked to get at the heart of APA style and scholarly communication by conducting research and creating an annotated bibliography. We began by first getting used to researching topics through Google Scholar and the Albertson’s Library. We then had the opportunity to hone our skills by choosing an interesting area of technology-supported instruction.

I am relatively new to the world of technology instructional coaching and thus determined this would be my topic. I was looking to learn more about technology coaching studies and best practices. I found there were a few peer-reviewed papers many of which indicate the need for coaching to create an environment of peer collaboration and learning. It was exciting to read that many more studies are in the works. My research indicated that technology instructional coaching is growing as its benefits become more quantifiable.

As far as researching while using Google Scholar or Albertson’s this is a bit more time intensive than everyday searches, which is to be expected. However, it was the APA styling that continues to slow my process. While I am becoming more and more comfortable with in-text citations and bibliographic references with each attempt, I look forward to this being second nature. One struggle I had throughout this process was locating the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). It was always a pleasant surprise when Crossref came back with a DOI for the article I referenced. More often than not I was forced to use a permalink, which only brings my reader to the article overview page.

However involved, I appreciated this assignment as it has been awhile since I needed to research and communicate in such an educational format. I understand that it is important to cite in a way that allows your position to hold weight and be validated.

Artifact: Annotated Bibliography

Image Attribution: “LOC Researchers’ Table” by Kevin Harber is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0