Criteria for Effective Curation


Before creating our group’s Curation Criteria Strategy document, I wouldn’t have been able to define educational curation. In my limited understanding, to curate something had always be saved for galleries and museums. Having now explored curation, it is evident that this method of sharing organized topic-specific content that been beneficial in education as well.

The online collaboration process ran smoothly as we utilized first Google Sheets to collect our findings and then Google Docs to organize and fine-tune or final criteria. Using these collaborative products, allowed for easy contributing alongside my PLN (Carol and Ty) as we could view and discuss each others contributions. Early on in the week we broke up the work and Carol initiated by created the sheet to house our findings. We then determined we wanted to break the criteria into three categories: Find, Feature and Facilitate as a way to group our list.

I look forward to using our criteria as I review my PLNs curations. I am excited to see the topics they chose and method(s) for sharing!

Image Attribution: “Curation of Information” by G. Couros is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0