EdTech 502: Internet for Educators

HTML, CSS, & Servers, Oh My!

I am definitely a newbie when it comes to legit website design. I am confident that I can find my way around resources such as Google Sites or WordPress and create relatively decent looking sites. But understand the behind the scenes code and processes is something that I look forward to understand more. This will allow me to better create and manipulate sites I manage.

For our first EdTech 502 assignment we were thrust into the world of HTML by creating a simple – yet challenging – plain site. I am definitely in the place where reading every resource and watching all tutorials over and over allow me to create a step-by-step sample. I look forward to learning a ton surrounding this very relevant topic throughout this course.

Plain502 site image

Here is the link to my Plain 502 site. Check back for future changes as I grow my understanding of web development.