School Evaluation Summary

Ward 4 Site – Evaluation & Survey


For this assignment, we were able to research and explore school technology use planning. We were coached through the process to actually analyze our school, district and state for technology plans and overall direction. I enjoyed this process as I was able to learn so much about all the levels of complexity that go into a site’s technology evaluation. I appreciated the structure of the Maturity Model Benchmark as a way to organize my evaluation process. I feel that this will give me a good basis for starting to work out an actual technology use plan with my site leaders this upcoming school year.

The evaluation was broken down into five filters (administrative, curricular, support, connectivity, and innovation) which then received a rubric placement from “emergent stage” (low) to “intelligent stage” (high). Check out my school’s Maturity Model Survey as well as School Evaluation Summary for more specifics.

I used the pseudonym “Ward 4 Site” for my school’s name throughout the evaluation. Ward 4 Site reached an overall ranking of “island stage”, which wasn’t overly surprising to me. Both the district and school lack a technology usage plan, which needs to be rectified. On a positive note, discussions have taken place on this subject and a planning team will be working on this in the upcoming year.