Social Media Policies

School Level Policy

Our most recent assignment had us explore the idea of a social media policy within our district or school. I was able to find the DCPS Student Safety and Use Policy for Internet and Technology (2009) which provides rules and guidelines for students. It is not however specifically geared toward social media usage. The only portion, from the policy, concerning this topic states:

"Students are prohibited from accessing social networking sites, 
including, but not limited to, My Space, Facebook, and Twitter."

This is a very limited and outdated policy surrounding the idea of social media in schools. The policy that I have created is one that I plan to introduce at the school-level in the upcoming year. I think, more than anything, this will get the social media conversation heading in a positive direction.

I chose to create a policy for staff first, as this is an elementary school. I will propose the plan to administration and staff first, as it is a policy that applies to them. Once feedback is collected, by way of a Google Form, I plan to have our Academic Leadership Team revise and implement the plan. From here a student and parent policy can be created as deemed applicable. The plan will be reviewed on an annual basis that coincides with the Staff Handbook review. It may even be a good idea to adopt the plan into the handbook if acceptable by school leaders.

Here is my proposed Social Media Policy and Guidelines:

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