RSS in Education

Actually, Really Simply Syndication

rss-44531_1280I had some previous experience years ago with RSS. Someone mentioned Feedly to me, but I didn’t get into it and found myself bookmarking blogs that I follow instead. I appreciated the opportunity to look critically at using RSS to be more proficient in my reading and researching. I have learned that it saves a lot of time even from going to each of my individual bookmarks and trying to locate new content. And, of course, it saves incredible amounts of time from just going out to search the internet as a whole, you could get lost out there for days!

For this assignment, we were asked to set up RSS in a program such as Feedly and create topics or categories within the program to organize our news feeds. It was great to set up an RSS news feed for our classmates learning logs as well. From there we had to think outside of ourselves and apply this research and syndication tool to our own business or classroom.

As an instructional technology coach, I chose to set up a lesson plan¬†for a 5th-grade class. My lesson plan was a single day snapshot on introducing RSS as a way to help with research. I could see in the future writing this into a unit plan. From the written daily lesson plan, teachers could continue to use RSS as they begin to work on research and citing skills. While I chose 5th grade as the focused standards, this could easily be applied to much of my school’s elementary population with standards tweaking.

I have not had the opportunity to teach this lesson, but I hope to share this plan and idea with my teachers in the fall. I hope to model this lesson with a few classes as it would be a great way for students and teachers to learn to utilize RSS to help organize and prioritize research skills.